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World Tour Thermal
Long-sleeve Tee
Small, Medium, Large, XL
21.51 £
Jumbo Face With Rebel Banner
Unisex Tee
Small, Medium, Large, XL
15.17 £
Positive Vibration
Unisex T-shirt
12.64 £
Solution Jumbo
Unisex TShirt
Small, Medium, XL
12.66 £
One Love Peace
Women's/Junior's Top
Small, Medium, Large
12.64 £
Women's/Junior's Top
Small, Large
12.64 £
One Heart One Love
Women's/Junior's Top
Medium, XL
12.64 £
Rastafari Poster
Unisex TShirt
Large, XL
12.66 £
Exodus Label
Unisex Tee Shirt
15.20 £
Unisex Tee
Small, Large, XL
As Shown
15.20 £

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Bob Marley was a popular songwriter and singer from Jamaica. He’s real name were Nesta Robert Marley. When, he was ten years old, his father passed away because of a heart attack. After the death of his father, Bob was forced to shift to Kingston to stay with his mother and Marley became friends with Bunny Wailer. They later started to write and play music together.

In 1963- 1981, Bob was the lead singer and guitarist for the wailers, ska, rock steady and bob Marley band. Up to date, Bob is known as one of the most influential and performer of reggae music. He has helped in spreading Jamaican music into greater heights. His music was influenced by issues of his homeland. Some of the most popular hits that, Bob released include “Stir it Up”, “No woman”, “No cry”, “three little birds”, “one love”, “Jamming”, “up stand up” and “could you be loved”. His best selling album was legend, and was released in 1984. Bob sold more than twenty five million copies globally.

Bob was diagnosed with cancer in 1977. He had an injury on his right toe that never healed. He refused completely to go for a surgery because it was against Rastafarian faith. The caner spread to other parts of the body like brain, lungs, liver and stomach. But, this did not prevent him from performing; he went to play in concerts and to record albums. He passed away on 11th May 1981 in Miami, Florida. He was only thirty six years. He had eleven children and was buried with a soccer ball, guitar, marijuana and a ring. This was according to is wish.

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