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Live 91 Photo
Hooded shirt
Large, 2X
31.01 £
Red Guitar
Unisex T-shirt
Small, Medium, Large, XL
12.64 £
Unisex Tee Shirt
Small, Medium, Large, XL
As Shown
12.64 £
Seahorse Smile
Unisex Tee
12.64 £
Drum Set
Unisex TShirt
Small, XL
12.64 £
Embroidered Logo Beanie
11.37 £
Women's/Junior's Top
Small, Medium, Large
12.64 £
Unisex TShirt
Small, XL
12.64 £
NIRVANA Embroidered Logo
10.10 £
Nirvana Smile Embroidered Logo
9.47 £

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Nirvana was a popular rock band from America. During the 1990s, the band managed to inspire and to influence so many people. Since Nirvana was formed, the band sold more than fifty albums globally. Their style of music was unique and was referred as grunge. Nirvana music attracted other bands like Pearl Jam and the grateful dead. But, the band never lasted for long, it separated after Kurt Cobian passed away. Kurt played a very important role in the band because he was the lead singer. He died of a shotgun wound.

Since Nirvana was formed, the band has changed drummers until they found Dave Grohl. Their first album was launched in 1989 and became a massive success. Ardent fans of the band bought their first and second album. Before Kurt died, he was involved in drug issues like heroin. In 1993, the band released another album and went for a tour in Europe.

Most of the time, their tour was cancelled because Cobain used to drink so much and to take drugs. Cobain was addicted to drugs and he to be taken to a rehab center, but he escaped from the center after staying for some days. After he escaped from the center, he went home and the police found Cobain dead in his house. According to investigations which were carried out by the police, they said that, Cobain killed himself with a gun. Cobain friends and the other people were surprised when they had, Cobain was dead. He was the lead singer of the band. The death of their lead singer affected the band and they had to break up.

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